Wednesday, 30 May 2012

It would be summer (I'm just in the wrong hemisphere)

Ah. Isn't it nice and cold and misty and cloudy and windy? Appropriate that I currently have a 'thing' for sunglasses and the only reason I would wear them would be to keep sleets of rain and detached tree branches from penetrating my eyeballs.  Sigh.
Let us hail the queen of sunglasses, Miss Elle Fanning.

(1) Elle Fanning in Rodarte for A Magazine, (2 + 3) in Self Service Magazine by Venetia Scott, (4) Elle's daisy sunglasses she shared on her twitter.
Isn't she so super kawaiii!

(1) Man Repeller's Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow sunnies, (2) A-Morir's Lena, (3) A-Morir's Cass, (4) Topshop
I like them crazy, I like them retro, I like them to look like the ones you wore when you were three and held tea parties in your room.  I particularly like them when they make you look like Roz from Monster's Inc.  None of these are affordable in the least, but oh, is this another excuse to buy  glitter, pastel-coloured stickers and fake flowers?

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Florence and Frida and Cat Stevens

So ergh here I am just really tired and should be studying but I'm just feeling so lethargic and I just had an injection yay so.
I had a bit of a clothing spiritual experience.  I went to this social event which just was not a good idea and for reasons I was not dressed.  I mean, I was wearing clothes but just really plain black clothes because it was from school and just yeah and I just felt, so, uncomfortable and weird.
It's not that I rely on dressing up at all but without wearing what I want, something crazy and different I just feel so vulnerable.  It just made me realise how much what I wear is a part of me, they sometimes speak the words I can't say.  And it was just so bad to not have that.
Oh my, yes, I went to Florence and the Machine and she was just amazing and beautiful and her voice is simply ethereal and she is just man-repelling at the same time, and she sung What The Water Gave Me and it reminded me it's about Frida Kahlo's painting and I just want to bounce all day with flowing red hair.
I just read a great post on fashion pirate, it sums up what I'm feeling a bit.  Read it.
And so yeah I have exams soon and this is just a bit of a word deposit in between all my study and exams and just realising all this stuff I have to do.
Cat Stevens is the only thing that makes me feel calm.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

A spot of sun

It's not Big Ben, but it will do.
Coat - Miko Collection. Dress - Vintage. Bag - Vintage.
Being a tourist in my own city.
Jacket - Monsoon (vintage). Top - Dangerfield (vintage). Skirt - Dangerfield. Shoes - Doc Martens.

My friend Maire and I went to Melbourne University to do some studying and pretend we are really scholastic (scholarly + fantastic).  It was really cold but there was this nice little patch of sun, and the grounds of Melbourne Uni are really pretty, so we decided to take some photos!
This is my new skirt from Dangerfield.  I've been looking for a school-girl/pleated skirt for ages and my grandma kindly bought it for me (thanks, grandma!).  The tights are my favourite at the moment, sort of an egg yolk yellow which CLASHES with lots of things.  It's glorious.
I have to admit I got the idea of using rosary beads as a necklace from a post on Meet Me On The Streets.  I actually bought mine in Venice 7 years ago, and I was so happy when I rediscovered it in that tangle of metal I call my jewelry box.
Photos 1, 2 + 3 are by me and 4, 5 + 6 are by Maire.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

When things work

Aaah, when things just work.

Shoes, Mimi Loves Jimi.  Socks, Topshop.

1) Socks + shoes

I will stop with the shoes posts soon.  I promise.  But just look at them!

2) Madonna + i-D magazine, 1984

Yes? Yes.

P.S. A kind reader of my blog let me know about this pant-suit to add to my favourites collection: Coco Rocha at the MET Ball.  I give it the seal of approval.

Saturday, 5 May 2012


I was sucked into watching Justin Bieber's new video clip.  It was purely out of interest, OK?  And, I am going to sound like an old sour-faced grumpy lady (which I am not, I am 16), but I am honestly disgusted.
The first extremely extreme close-ups show the male pop singer whispering into the ears of girls who seem to be smiling at what he's saying (or grimacing?) ((don't even want to think about the clog up of Justin-spit)).  You know what, I would be grimacing too, if these lyrics were being sung/spoken on an annoyingly monotone level whilst a record stuck on the sound of seagull played in the back ground like that mosquito that keeps flying close to your ear:

If I was your boyfriend I'd never let you go.  (right)
I can take you places you ain't never been before.  (right, can you please move a b--)
Baby take a chance or you'll never ever know.  (no, but real--)
I got money in my hands that I'd really like to blow.
Excuse me?  Can we stop here?  Can you please get your priorities sorted?
Look, I've got some money stored in the bank because I've gone platinum-gold-unicorn in 89 countries ;) , and it's kind of annoying me, can you please be my girlfriend just for a while so I can get rid of some?  Yeah.  Thanks. xoxo Justin
Swag, swag, swag on you.  What is swag.  Why is it on me.  Get it off.
Chillin by the fire while we eatin' fondue.  GUYZ WHAT RHYMES WITH YOU? FONDUE ;) #BELIEVE xoxo Justin
I dunno about me but I know about you.  And I know you want to sit on this car with me while I press my forehead on yours and go crosseyed woops can't look at your eyes let's look at your boobs. xoxo Justin
So say hello to falsetto in three too swag.  I can count to potato too, Justin.  (PS shout out to falsetto ma home boii)

When Justin is driving around in his car, sussing out the sitch, his man-jewellery is evidently creating some glare so he stays cool and street-smart with a pair of dark glasses that he takes off with so much SWAG my SWAG-O-METER was just like OMG SWAG-MISTER IN DA HOUSE SWAG SWAG.  The girls just flock to him, I mean, if I saw someone like that in real life promising me some cheese fondue and triple helpings of swag I would just go running!

Basically, what we can learn from this is:
- Guys with expensive cares and cash to spare = allow to nuzzle you like horse
- Oh but like make sure you expose as much skin as possible or no one will like you lol
- Even if like you don't know, he will know, so just let him make your decisions
- Doesn't matter if they can't do maths they've got swag and man-bling

I feel now it's appropriate to include Tavi Gevinson doing her bitchface #2 - the repulsed.
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