Sunday, 2 September 2012


Okay I only post every few weeks, but in that time everything builds up in my brain and then sort of settles there until they all fit together.
Dress and 70's magazine

This Women's Weekly from 1972 is brilliant.  I have (willingly or unwillingly) sacrificed some homework time to scan pictures from it.  Excuse the crapola scanning skills.

Enough said?  Her hair is so god damn awesome.

Maire and I before formal.
I'm in an Asos dress, and Maire is wearing Alexander McQueen (I KNOW RIGHT)

(All photos taken by me)

Spring + Outfit Post
I call this grandma chic.  I also call it thank-goodness-there-is-sun.
Jumper - Monsoon, Shirt - Sportsgirl, Skirt - Sportsgirl, Shoes - Windsor Smith (Maire's)
Also I've been thinking about movies a lot lately.  Soundtracks, film stills and stuff.  It's funny how they all hold these connotations, and you get a certain feeling when you see a film still or hear a song from a movie.  I like that.


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