Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I have always steered clear of menswear because I just generally find suits boring and I had the misconception that all male fashion was just SUITS SUITS SUITS but alas I WAS WRONG (so much caps-lock).  In fact I was wrong on two levels: menswear is not all suits and suits are not always boring.  I owe my newly sparked interest in this area to Susie from stylebubble, and her post about Carven's S/S 2013 show.  I love the collection!  It's so understatedly cool and refreshing, I think.  Here are some of my favourite looks.
I particularly love the jumper (bottom right).  Hang on, maybe I just like this because I would wear it.... meh.
Tommy Ton is another influencer on my sudden good vibez towards men's clothing.  I think this Hello Kitty suit had something to do with it.
And I'm pretty sure the one in the middle is a guy and I'm pretty sure his amazing jacket is from Prada S/S 2012 (women's) and it looks so good!  The orange backpack, the printed pants... I love these guys.  Can we be friends?
Scott Schuman also posts some really interesting takes on suits.  Check out this suave fellow.  (Did I just say that?????)
Images from, (Tommy Ton) and (Scott Schuman). 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Jubilee fever

Top - H+M, Skirt - Sportsgirl, Fluffy friend - Sportsgirl, Tights - Vivienne Westwood,
Shoes - Mimi  Loves Jimi, Necklace - Vintage.

God bless the queen.  She gave us a long weekend, and goodness, I don't know what else she's done but this has got to be one of her greatest achievements.  Mind you, I was studying the whole time (exam tomorrow, eek).  How this relates to my outfit post is that the queen is ENGLISH and the whole world is just in jubilee fever, and it just happens my dad went to London and bought me some Vivienne Westwood tights!  You can sort of see that's what the letters spell.  I got some socks as well (thanks dad!).  It was a really cold day, very blustery and English, and I wore my little ferret tail thing (fake, believe it or not) in honour of Vivienne's craziness and not-give-a-shit-what-anyone-thinks.  Toodiloo my friends.

Photographs by Clara.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Marc Jacobs Resort Collection is simply GORGEOUS and cute and delicious and oooooh I want to eat it.  It's all colour kitsch retro floral sparkly goodness and that ticks all the boxes!  What's more is that it is graceful and poised, almost conservative.  Even though I love all-outers like Meadham Kirchhoff, it's the more feminine-with-a-twist-of-quirk that makes me adore this collection.

And I absolutely loved these next looks.  I've been really in to asian, cheongsam style dresses lately, and MARC JACOBS YOU READ MY MIND these are so lovely!
all images
Here are some other styles that I found online:
pure silk dress from chinapig on asos marketplace
vintage yellow cheongsam from perfectlyposhvintage on etsy
silk shift dress from topshop
Urgggh how cute is that last shift dress!  It's like oriental meets 60's mod and I love it!  Note how the Marc Jacobs collection was paired with romantic hair and sky scraper wedges.  I think with this sort of dress you need to 'modernise' the shoes and hair-do so it looks less like a dress up and more like a... umm... mad men gurrrl with edge?

Speaking of shoes!
celine spring 2012 shoes
So perfect I can't even.
alexa chung in the super special i-am-the-best SILVER versions(from fabsugar)
These shoes are so groovy that they may as well own their own disco (bad, bad analogy).  It's when it comes to this that I know I should stop procrastinating.  So long!


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