Saturday, 4 August 2012

Clothes are great

So, I have had a break to do nothing (school and work and not being interested in anything) but today I read the latest Australian Vogue at the hairdresser and I just fell in love with clothes again.  Here is a short collection of ramblings and things I love all in the one post because I want to.
Julia Sarr-Jamois by Tamu McPherson
1.  This miumiu skirt/patchwork style/Codie Young.  I love this so much.  The skirt is JUST SO GREAT, you guys.  And I love how she's paired it with the grey tights, and those structured loafer type shoes that I usually don't really like but are perfect with this look.  You couldn't do anything else but smile in this outfit!  That sort of patch-work style is so fun but I love the fact it can be structured as well as just a simple skirt like in this photo.
Marc Jacobs Fall 2012
Carven Fall 2012
Oh and this Australian model (Codie Young) has fantastic street style.  It's quite simple, but she always looks really comfortable and warm wrapped up in layers.  Also, I wish I had her hair.
Vanessa Jackman
Vanessa Jackman

2. Willow Smith. Her pink hair is SO COOL.  I get the feeling she does whatever she wants.  I heard Will is trying to deal with the emotional stress of his kids.  Whatever, she has really cool clothes.  And I love the headlines that go with the photos, like 'From popstar to emo kid!  Willow Smith sports orange hair and porcupine bag as she dresses in angsty all-black ensemble!'

3. Designer items that are copied by cheaper brands. OK, obviously for the designer it's not so good, but for me? Well...
Fluro flower origami dress from
Christopher Kane Spring 2012

Harmony shoes from Tony Bianco
Celine Resort 2012
You can imagine my delight when I walked in to Tony Bianco and saw an almost exact copy of the Celine shoes I have mentioned I think two times on this blog before.  My grandma kindly offered to buy them for my formal, and they are so perfect with my dress.  Yay!  As for the topshop dress, that's on my wishlist...

4. Summer/floral crowns/Dolce and Gabbana. Damn you, rookie mag and your road trip.  All the pictures of summer and meetups and icecream and flower crowns... I CAN'T EVEN.  Here are some pictures from the installation they did at Space 15 Twenty. So awesome.  I want to eat them.
Both photos from Space 15 Twenty's flickr
So as I sit here trying to soak up the sun that comes out from behind the clouds on average 3 times a week, I will cry silently and talk about flower crowns.  Sorry, here is another lovely photo :'(
Susie from sylebubble
Susie from stylebubble is so immaculately well dressed and quirky and her flower crowns are just off the scale.  I cannot talk about floral things you put on your head, though, without adding some pictures of Dolce and Gabbana's Autumn 2012 show.  Frida Kahlo would be proud.
5. Cibo Matto/Kate Bush/The XX/Major Lazer.  "You can go for a week without love - you will die without food." And they are the wise words of Yuka Honda from 90s Japanese girl duo Cibo Matto.  Oh, my god.  Just watch this music video.  They are crazy and I love them.  I also included some other stuf that is relevant to my life and that I like.  It's my current playlist.

6.  The Olympics.  Because sometimes when we don't have to watch Australians doing boring things and not getting a gold medal, in that rare moment of peace there is diving or gymnastics.  And all is well.


  1. Hi, first that's a great selection! I love the almost geometrical, makes-me-think-of-chromosomes-but-not-so patterns on the Carven top!
    Also, Willow Smith is badass.
    I wanted to tell you that I nominated you for the Sunshine Award on my blog:[lang_selected]=en
    So, accept it if you want :)

  2. I know how great is rookie? Holy jeesballs you love cibo matto too?!?!
    much love ^.^ Alexa



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