Monday, 5 November 2012


It's been sooo looooonggg since I last blogged, partly because of EXAMS and partly because I haven't been feeling inspired enough.  However, I am feeling motivated and open minded right now because I finished my main and most important exam and I can really tune into whatever is inspiring me at the moment.
Last year I quit tumblr after the realisation it was eating my mind and my study.  I recently created a new one, mostly because I think tumblr is great for creative inspiration and it's super for keeping up with, you know, the current themes and subcultures that are most popular and interesting.  It's important to know your context if you're interested in something like photography and fashion (like I am).  However, I've been finding that lately I've been drawn towards the old rather than the new, which I guess is a funny reaction to have to becoming part of a modern website.
In fact, to my dad's horror and my own amusement, I have started listening to an old people's radio station.  If you ignore the ads for cataract surgery and the occasional bad Elvis cover, it's really delightful and it makes you feel like you're in the good old days of which you were never a part of.  Isn't it funny that we can feel nostalgic for something we never experienced?  I think that's what a big part of nostalgia is anyway, like looking at things through rose-tinted glasses.  The station is 95.7 FM if you're interested.  Here are some old songs that I really like at the moment, although I didn't hear them from the radio.

I love this because of Fred Astaire's dancing, and also the story of the song.  'Watching movies with Fred Astaire in it' is on my holiday to do list.
"I'm steppin' out, my dear,
To breathe an atmosphere
That simply reeks with class;
And I trust that you'll excuse my dust
When I step on the gas."

I saw this song on the brilliant PSA about voting for Obama over Romney.  I really hope he wins.  Anyway, Lesley Gore is so glamorous, but she is singing about not being owned by anyone because she is a strong independent woman so BAM

Like I was saying before, tumblr is an endless source of images such as these ones I found.  I think I'm most interested in the depiction of women throughout the history of the photographic image, and their interaction with the camera.
A female Lockheed employee works on a P-38 Lighting - Burbank, CA -1944

I don't know the context of this photograph!  I do like to know context.
No use having a random image.
Judy Sargent and a blonde friend stroll along lake shore, Chicago, Illinois, 1941. Photos by Charles S. Cushman
I love this one because her swimsuit reminds me one I recently bought.  It is so cute I should really post pictures of it some time.  Summer's coming!
Jean Shrimpton at Flemington Races. Derby Day, 30th of October 1965.
I was watching the news, and they were talking about how this dress was caused a stir on that day in 1965 because of her bare legs and lack of hat/fascinator.  Appalling!
I think it's important for women to learn about other women that have lived in different eras, and those such as Lesley Gore singing about independence and Jean Shrimpton making 'scandalous' fashion choices.  I love seeing what they wear and how they all behave in front of a camera.

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