Sunday, 10 March 2013


It's been a long time.
Here's what I did over the summer.

All at once, forever
No light, no dark
Never dark
Always moving, solitary
Never looking forwards, back
A world...
Warm and windy, but not dry
Fading, but not dying
Lazyhazy, but not tired
Gold gold gold
For everyone, for me and you
Until it is worthless, but worth everything
Too good, with an end
Now is the start, melancholy melon sweet
Bitter at the end
The very end
Never without light

I went to Sydney with my dear friend Maire.  We stayed at my grandparents' house and went swimming and made pop cakes.
playsuit - topshop (sadly I actually grew out of it over the summer), hat - my grandma's
 Picnicked at the Botanical Gardens more than once.
shorts - dangerfield (modelled by maire)
Ate Scandinavian food at the Scandinavian Christmas Fair.
 Rediscovered Nikki Webster.
this video clip was the coolest thing I had ever seen, when it came out
 Watched a lot of Twin Peaks.  Found a new style/hair icon etc.
 Wore this skirt a lot.
top - from opshop, skirt - vinage
 Wore my hair like this a lot because it was very effective in keeping me cool in the hot weather also I'm goddamn kawaii.
 Went to the beach and ordered ice creams whilst jumping up and down on the spot because the ground was burning our feet off.

 Burnt incense in Maire's room.

 Wore this skirt, again.
sunglasses - dangerfield, top - "", skirt - vintage
 Saw and read Picnic at Hanging Rock for the first time and loved it.

 Made rice balls with faces on them made out of nori.
Picnicked again and feasted on cake, lychee juice, iced tea and macadamias.

 Went to see the Paris Opera Ballet do Giselle and wore my cheongsam from Shanghai for the first time.  The theatre was decorated with these beautifully fragrant floral displays.

Rediscovered this bag.  Went to the library for two hours and came back empty handed because I had a fine from three years ago.
 Got this magnificent jumper for christmas from my grandpa.

Sometimes I do forget about fashion because I wear a school uniform for most of the week.  However, it makes it even greater when I see a collection and fall back in love with it again.
Checked prints, off the shoulder necklines, knee length skirts...  All things I have been super in to lately.  Quite simple, but perfect.

This collection was all about the details and accessories, for me.  There's somethings so child-like about the combination of stripes and polka dots, something reminiscent of jumping in puddles with your gumboots and brightly coloured raincoat.  Believe me, I will be channelling this all winter (if it ever comes...)
I am pretty excited about going to the Graduate Showcase for Melbourne Fashion Week, last time it was so fun and interesting to see everyone going all-out to attend a fashion show, and great to see the work of young Australian designers.  In fact, it was what initially inspired me to start this blog.  Maybe I will pluck up the courage to ask people for their photograph this time.  Who knows!

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