Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Florence and Frida and Cat Stevens

So ergh here I am just really tired and should be studying but I'm just feeling so lethargic and I just had an injection yay so.
I had a bit of a clothing spiritual experience.  I went to this social event which just was not a good idea and for reasons I was not dressed.  I mean, I was wearing clothes but just really plain black clothes because it was from school and just yeah and I just felt, so, uncomfortable and weird.
It's not that I rely on dressing up at all but without wearing what I want, something crazy and different I just feel so vulnerable.  It just made me realise how much what I wear is a part of me, they sometimes speak the words I can't say.  And it was just so bad to not have that.
Oh my, yes, I went to Florence and the Machine and she was just amazing and beautiful and her voice is simply ethereal and she is just man-repelling at the same time, and she sung What The Water Gave Me and it reminded me it's about Frida Kahlo's painting and I just want to bounce all day with flowing red hair.
I just read a great post on fashion pirate, it sums up what I'm feeling a bit.  Read it.
And so yeah I have exams soon and this is just a bit of a word deposit in between all my study and exams and just realising all this stuff I have to do.
Cat Stevens is the only thing that makes me feel calm.

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