Sunday, 13 May 2012

A spot of sun

It's not Big Ben, but it will do.
Coat - Miko Collection. Dress - Vintage. Bag - Vintage.
Being a tourist in my own city.
Jacket - Monsoon (vintage). Top - Dangerfield (vintage). Skirt - Dangerfield. Shoes - Doc Martens.

My friend Maire and I went to Melbourne University to do some studying and pretend we are really scholastic (scholarly + fantastic).  It was really cold but there was this nice little patch of sun, and the grounds of Melbourne Uni are really pretty, so we decided to take some photos!
This is my new skirt from Dangerfield.  I've been looking for a school-girl/pleated skirt for ages and my grandma kindly bought it for me (thanks, grandma!).  The tights are my favourite at the moment, sort of an egg yolk yellow which CLASHES with lots of things.  It's glorious.
I have to admit I got the idea of using rosary beads as a necklace from a post on Meet Me On The Streets.  I actually bought mine in Venice 7 years ago, and I was so happy when I rediscovered it in that tangle of metal I call my jewelry box.
Photos 1, 2 + 3 are by me and 4, 5 + 6 are by Maire.


  1. I love Maire's dress :)
    And I really like your outfit. At first it looks romantic, and then when you look at it more closely it is kind of rebellous and still... conservative? I don't know, maybe it's just we're so used to put styles into box and that your outfit fits in many boxes, or just that I played the Clueless videogame today :D
    I had a rosary myself but it broke, I used a sort-of brooch to make a necklace:
    So, I guess, beware if you're on a bike: put the rosary under your shirt. You can still put a brooch on it while keeping the cross, though.
    Keep blogging!

  2. Wow you actually make Melbourne Uni look like London ;) love this outfit, that jacket and velvet(?) top and skirt! Some of the photos actually have a 'film' feel to them. Do you use film? If not you definitely should! Seems to fit you perfectly somehow :)

    1. I do use film (but not for these photos, I used my Lumix GF2). I love film, but the whole process is quite expensive. I want to start using it more for my blog though!



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