Monday, 9 April 2012


Most of the first images were taken in London some time in the 80s (ft. the jacket I was telling you about a few posts back!).  The last photograph was taken in Katoomba, Blue Mountains, 1988.  I think most of the photographs speak for themselves, they have that beautiful sense of nostalgia.  And for those who weren't alive in the 80s, we get a small glimpse of what life (and fashion) was really like.
mohawk guy #1 discusses best types of gel with mohawk guy #2
the pants! the leather! another mohawk!
collars, coats and knitwear
stunning image of paris taken from notre dame, 1986
beautiful lighting, shirt and breton stripes

me: were you like, trying to be really 80s on purpose?
mum: IT WAS THE 80s! look at that madonna dancing!
love the printed shorts paired with white tee
All images belong to my mum and were found in dusty photo albums in my house.  Please do not reproduce.

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  1. omg I love paris :)
    these photos are amazing!
    great post!



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