Saturday, 7 April 2012


So I've decided that rather than make this just a street style blog, I just want it to be a whole mish-mash of everything fashion-related that goes on in my life EVER!
I think 'fashion' as a word is a very broad term, but also narrow in terms of people's perceptions of it.  When I think of fashion, for me I think of fun, experimentation and personal style.
It is true that fashion is somewhat about first impressions, superficial judgements, but it is also about breaking those stereotypes that cling to our clothes.  How we choose to dress ourselves and why is what defines us from the people that lived 10 years ago.  It is something so exciting, so dynamic.

SO here is a little place, I am doing it for no one else, it is my creative output.
(PS picnik i will miss u)
I hope that someone out there will enjoy it.

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