Monday, 23 April 2012


I am beginning to wonder whether I will ever be able to wear heeled shoes again, because at the moment I am crazily in love with 'flatforms'.  I know mules are supposed to be the next big thing, but let's just stop for a moment and have a fangirl over these amazing shoes.
Am I dead?  It sorta feels like it. ASOS

School girl/goth.  Both? ASOS

I am sorta kinda liking this 'gardener's foot wear' (as debuted at Christopher Kane).  My stylish friend Solange said she didn't like them as she thinks they make an outfit look 'cheap',  but I think paired with a sheer maxi or midi skirt they would look sufficiently sport-max (or like jesus).

Christopher Kane, Spring Summer 2012.

Nicolas Kirkwood for Meadham Kirchoff.
They will be my first purchase when I am r!cH and fam0uZ.

The shoes of dreams, TOKYO BOPPERS.
You remember my ode to tights, yeah?
You can guess how I feel about this then.

As a final thing: I haven't been posting much lately, because of school and life and stuff, but also because I couldn't find much inspiration.  My goals are 1) to take more street style photos and 2) to go and score some vintage clothes, shoes and bits and bobs, and share the photos with you.  Wait, does money actually grow on trees or is that a myth???


  1. I only found it back again in my RSS, but I really like your blog and tastes and selections!
    I also have trouble blogging regularly, though that's more fear than anything else (some stalkers were reading my every words once...)
    Now blogging sure feels good.
    Blog as much as you want while keeping it emotionally and academically (?) manageable!

    1. Oh thank you! It's good to know someone else is reading my blog that isn't my best friend or my mum! I hope you can also keep up your blogging :)

  2. Flatforms are cute indeed, but must be worn with some sass. And if only we could turn leaves into moolah...



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