Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Suits > Dresses

Another bout of internal cheering from me occurred when I was watching The Logies (I'm sorry!  It was for the fashion, OK?)   Australian actress Sophie Lowe walked down the red carpet in this gorgeous Ellery pant suit!  I could not find a good quality photo ANYWHERE, sorry about that.  What I am trying to prove, though, is that a suit is not always masculine!  The print is floral!  The pants are loose and flowing!  Here hair is long and wavy!  Her shirt is sheer pink!  Gah, she has achieved the perfect balance.  Who says you have to wear a dress?

With Blake Davis, zimbio.com
Courtesy of ItsJonahh

Some more suit inspiration...

Clashing prints, topshop.tumblr.com
Don't be fooled by the single colour, the effect is still as punchy!
So I still love this, a year later.  Pyjamas and day wear, YES!
Celine, Spring 2011, style.com
Techinically not a suit, but woah,
imagine if you wore this to formal instead of a dress!
Mary Katrantzou, Fall 2012, style.com

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  1. Look at this one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pshupati/7160582902/in/photostream/
    I don't know who is wearing this or who made it but it might be easy to find on the Interwebz.
    It fits well with the others, I guess you'll like it.



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